end of season awards event!

This year’s Wargrave Wolves End of Season Awards Event will take place on the Recreation Ground on Saturday 20th April from 2PM – 7PM

In advance of the event, we thought we’d share some useful information for everyone attending. 

When you first arrive please head over to the ticket collection desk where you will be handed your free drink tickets!

If you’ve not yet bought a ticket, online registration has now closed so please head over to the Ticket Sales desk when you arrive and once you have bought your tickets you’ll also receive your free drink voucher.  

You can then head to the bar to claim your first drink free with beers, wine and fizz for adults plus choices of soft drinks for all Under 18s.   

The coaches of your children’s teams should have shared the timings for your awards ceremony so if not, make sure you ask them as all the awards will take place in designated marques.

Food can be bought on the day with the BBQ being managed by our friends at Wargrave Cricket Club & curries by the excellent Cuzza Wallah. 

There will be live music by the brilliant BOXSET starting at 5PM. 

This year we have lost of football games for the kids (and adults) which include;  

– Human sized inflatable table football!

– Radar gun fastest shot contests

– Penalty shoot-outs vs. Wolves coaches

– Football tennis court 

– Plus loads of space for kickabouts

We hope that everyone has a really good day and can’t wait to see you all! Come on you Wolves!